How we learn the songs

How I teach the songs

  • Singers stand in a semi circle with me in the centre.
  • I start each rehearsal with a physical and vocal warm-up.
  • I teach the songs by ear, line by line, call and response, and try to create an uplifting, easy learning environment.
  • If a song has a lot of words, I project them onto the wall with an overhead projector. This means that singers don’t have to hold pieces of paper but can look up and watch me directing while peering at the words over my shoulder!
  • I generally let singers choose the part that they think¬† suits their vocal range.
  • I can advise you about this if you are not sure what part suits your voice.
  • I will occasionally divide groups to create a better balance of sound.
  • Some scores are available but are not used in the weekly rehearsals so you don’t have to be able to read music.
  • I make audio tracks of the songs available to support the learning process.