Monthly Archives: September 2017

Performance Preparation with Delicious Sounds Choir

This week was another vocal preparation for the performances on Saturday the 7th of October at the Southampton Central Library and Guildhall Square. It is remarkable how each member dedicated their full energy and modelled their vocal abilities to fit each genre of music. My input as an intern was to help the choir achieve a clean ‘ooh’ vowel sound by offering some tips and tricks on healthy articulation and tongue positioning. My next mission is to bring more material relating to vowel shaping and vocal Continue reading →

Internship with Delicious Sounds Choir

Second week with Delicious Sounds Choir and as Fiona’s intern. The choir is diligently working for their performance at the Southampton Central Library and Guildhall Square on the 7th of October. Looking forward to hear their voices harmoniously blending together, which shows off the hard work and enthusiasm each member brings to the choir.