What a weekend!!

Saturday 19th December saw us all glammed up in our black and bright, jewel colours to sing a free lunchtime concert to the Christmas shoppers in Southampton Art Gallery with its excellent acoustics. The mayor, Linda Norris came along as we were collecting money for her chosen charities, especially Rose Road. She loved us so much she signed us up to sing next October in the Music in the City week. It was an excellent event for Southampton in 2015 and now we will be taking part it will be even better! I wonder which location we will sing in?  The Shieldhall or a City Vault maybe?



On Sunday afternoon we all gathered at Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton to sing our repertoire. After some classics like ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ and ‘Tuxedo Junction’, we moved on to a few Christmas songs including a Gloucester Wassail and the traditional ‘Holly and the Ivy’ but in harmony and not to the familiar tune.  We were joined by the ukulele band ‘Straight to Cake’ who accompanied the audience to a sing-along of Christmas songs after their set.

As usual after both events there was some socialising! On Saturday we enjoyed an excellent Greek meal in the Blue Island restaurant and had another sing song. We just can’t stop!!  On Sunday many of us went for a curry to celebrate a successful weekend and end of term. We can’t wait until January 11th 2016 to learn what our new songs will be.